Master Your Money (21 Rules For Building Wealth) - eBook

Master Your Money (21 Rules For Building Wealth) - eBook

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Master Your Money
(21 Rules For Building Wealth)
The Most Exclusive eBook Project



Another Project by Eli Dangerfield
Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Do you want to get to the stage soon, where you are truly financially independent? 

99% of you won't buy this book, not because you don't want to make money but because of the price it costs to learn and be informed how money works. The 1% that will purchase are the ones that have the mentality and willingness to invest in themselves. Pay, or don't pay attention!



The difference between the wealthy and the poor is their mentality towards money. The wealthy will think how much money can this make me, whereas the poor will think how much will this cost me. I have a mindset of abundance, which has allowed me to reach multi-millionaire status at just 22 years old, from scratch, with zero handouts. If you too want to become a millionaire, I personally believe that this book will help you achieve that goal quicker than you could ever believe (combined with hard work, obviously).

The exclusive information provided in this finance, sales, marketing and business guide is the equivalent to attending a seminar or course, broken down into 21 easy-to-digest steps and principles.

This project is a phenomenal resource for those looking for upper-echelon guidance in personal finance, wealth management, and elite business tactics that have taken me upwards of eight years to master effectively. Even after all this, I am still a student of the game myself, and strive to continue learning and sharing with you too. 




  • Understand the key fundamentals of money. It’s never too late to become wealthy, What do you want money for?, How money works etc. How to analyse your money. Creating habits to improve your cash flow.

  • Perception of money and how to carefully strategise for accumulating wealth. By changing your mindset on how you perceive money it will change your life forever. Unlearning pre-conditioned beliefs will liberate you and enable new beginnings.  

  • Risk assessment and structured insights to ensure you are acquiring new information, understanding your leverage and identifying potential investments.

  • Diversifying multiple income streams, ensuring your money is continually coming in and protecting any downside losses that may occur if one income stream stops, this will enable you to always be at a plus and never leave you exposed financially if done correctly.

  • Taking relentless action, understanding how much we enable fear to keep us paralysed when it comes to decision making, overthinking, procrastinating, not trusting our gut instincts prevents us from progressing. The financially wealthy understand that taking the right action, with smart work, timing and luck leads to millions. 

The guide also covers an insight into a business aspect to ensure the guide is at its most effective, discussing what it takes to create a product that actually sells at a rapid pace, having the stock levels to carry momentum and ensuring your website is optimised for a fast and efficient customer checkout.

Buying this book is a statement of intent, it's you investing in your future! If you apply the knowledge and yourself..

This book will change your life. I am confident in this fact based on the feedback I’ve been getting from readers prior to launching this “wealth bible,” as it’s been called.

What are you waiting for? This eBook will sell out. Don’t keep sitting on the bench watching us players play the game, get involved. It’s your time!



Yours in success,

Eli Dangerfield

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